ISC2 Chapter Event: January 31, 2024

Location: TopGolf, Roseville

Sponsors: Rapid7

Welcome to 2024 fellow ISC2 Sacramento chapter members and guests. Our growing chapter picked up right where it left off. Holding an event at our home away from home, Topgolf in Roseville. Thirty-five souls braved the heavy rain and wind and came out to join us. This time, our friends at Rapid7 hosted the event and presented a riveting topic, “External Threat Intelligence – Staying ahead of threats to your organization, employees, and customers with proactive clear, deep, and dark web monitoring.”.

Before we get into the meat and potatoes (apologies for the reference to all vegetarians, vegans, pescatarians, pastafarians, etc.), we would like to clear up a little confusion. It seems some of our guests may have paid for a beverage or two themselves. This was a mistake on our side. If you did so, please see one of our board members at the next event or reach out and we will try and make it right. We aim to have all costs covered during an event (within reason of course). If we cannot make it right, maybe you can take our chapter secretary hostage and put a ransom for the cost of your beverage in exchange for his return on the dark web. Joking of course, but if you truly attended the event, you would know where to possibly look for data ransom information impacting many organizations.

That is right ISC2 Sacramentans. Let us introduce you to Mario Arrington, speed biking thrill seeker and Threat Intelligence Specialist with Rapid7 and speed. Mr. Arrington treated us all to a real time tour of the dark web to demonstrate how it operates and how malicious actors are weaponizing it. We also saw real live examples of actors and their criminal activity including areas where you can find hackers for hire, or sale of drugs, malware, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), exploits, carded goods, ransomware and more. We also saw some of the most common behaviors companies should be watching out for. We could go on and on with details, but we would rather you join us in person to take advantage of the topics and listen to all the questions and conversations this type of interesting topic initiates. You would have even heard an analogy of how External Threat Protection (ETP) is like a scene from the final episode of Game of Thrones (GOT)! Well done Mr. Arrington, or should we say, “san athchomari yeraan.”

For more on Rapid7’s ETP suite, we heard from Melvin Perez, Account Executive, and avid hiker. Mr. Perez walked through the tools and services Rapid7 can provide customers with, to help with some of today’s biggest concerns. This included things such as monitoring CVEs for known exploits and reducing the number of false positives. They can manage alerts from detection to mitigation. Review the dark web for compromised credentials and automate validation, even action on takedown requests. The toolset is nothing short of impressive. For more information, you are encouraged to reach out to Melvin Perez.

Once again, your local ISC2 Sacramento Chapter would like to thank Rapid7 for taking the time to come out, sponsor this event and provide a great presentation. We would also like to thank our members and guests for braving the elements and showing up. Unfortunately, there seemed to be a little less golf action due to the weather outside, but the silver lining is everyone can blame the elements for their terribly low scores!

Stay tuned for upcoming information on the next event!

1.31.24 Rapid7

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Wednesday, January 31, 2024 5:30 PM
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When: January 31, 2024
Where: TopGolf, 1700 Freedom Way, Roseville, CA 95678
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Hosted by: Rapid7

Topic: External Threat Intelligence- Staying ahead of threats to your organization, employees, and customers with proactive clear, deep, and dark web monitoring

Presenter: Marion Arrington, Threat Intelligence Specialist

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